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September 20, 2012 · 3:26 pm

Can Gio Win 20 tonight?


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September 16, 2012 · 4:39 pm

Arming Natstown with Barve-Related Natitude

As the Nationals go for the groinal area in Atlanta tonight, Saturday and Sunday, I thought I’d try something new. To alleviate some of the pressure on myself and @jwerthsbeard, I thought it would be nice to provide Natstown with some material they can use to disarm even the most choptastic Barves fan. By doing so, you will bring joy to children all over the world. Feel free to use the following gems to counter any Braves assaults on our team’s man or womanhood (gotta be politically correct). Warning: do not overuse! Nobody likes someone who takes something and runs with it for waaaay longer than they should (I’m describing me). Without further ado, here are some good choices for the Nats Barves series.

In ‘Home Alone,’ Devin Ratray played Buzz McCallister, Kevin’s jerk of an older brother. During the early ’90s, he also played bullying characters in ‘Little Monsters’ and ‘Dennis the Menace.’ Clearly “the bully” is a role Devin was born to play.

Today, the 34-year old remains a working actor today with roles on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and the upcoming Ryan Reynolds horror flick ‘R.I.P.D.’ In 2007, a documentary crew followed Ratray around as he attempted to win the heart of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, resulting in the film ‘Courting Condi.’ But we all know he really plays first base for the Atlanta Barves.


Homer the Barve, the Barves mascot, will clearly miss his favorite pre game ritual when Chipper retires.


Thank Chipper for any errors or strike outs. Be thankful!


Additional Natitude.





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Braves Bleacher Creature will miss this pre game ritual most of all. Thanks for the memories, Chipper.


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September 14, 2012 · 4:22 pm

Phavorite Philly Tweeter @halladay90 on his birthday last year.


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September 14, 2012 · 1:24 pm

Nationals Postseason Possibilities Pose Problems for Preseason Predictions. P.

The media. *Scoff. * Snort. *Chuckle. What do they know? Ok, so they probably know a lot and have unparalleled access to the Washington Nationals all the way from the Lerners to GM Mike Rizzo to Davey Johnson to the players to the lowest of the low….the tweeters. That being said, no one claims to be able to predict the outcome of a 162 game season accurately. Every 2012 pre-season prediction article is filled with disclaimers of that sort. I like all the Nationals beat writers a lot as writers and people. They are all personable, accessible, friendly and can take and deliver a joke. (see the recent Kolkomo memes being distributed far and wide by everyone in Natstown….ok, maybe not everybody. I have sent it out, ok?)

But now I will show how the media members were wrong. Of course, it’s not their fault. These Nats are just so damn good. Any predictions made by media and fans alike were selling short this Nationals team.

On April 5th, Opening Day 2012, Mark Zuckerman released the 2012 Nats Media Predictions. Usually, I would wait until the end of the season to deride predictions that either insulted the reality of how good a team actually played or were too optimistic and got our hopes up for nothing. But not this year. This year, as the Nats have already surpassed many prediction points, we can start to look back right now in amazement. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff. (Sorry if anyone was going to do this post after the season, but no one reads this blog anyways…)

Question 1: Who will represent the Nats at the All-Star Game?

Well, Ryan Zimmerman was not there. Jordan Zimmermann was also not there, and Jayson Werth was at home resting his wrist and plotting his revenge against the citizens of Philadelphia. Other than that, Strasburg and Gio were accurately chosen as pre-season All Star picks. No one, and I mean not even Bill Ladson, could have predicted how great Ian Desmond would be, right? Oh. Look at that. Bill Ladson was the only believer in Ian Desmond. Shame on everybody! Nice job, Bill. If only one of your no-hitter or perfect game predictions would pan out as nicely.

Mark Zuckerman ( — Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann
Adam Kilgore (Washington Post) — Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Jayson Werth
Dave Sheinin (Washington Post) — Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmermann
Amanda Comak (Washington Times) — Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmermann
Bill Ladson ( — Ryan Zimmermann, Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond
Dan Kolko ( — Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg
Pete Kerzel ( — Ryan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez
Brian McNally (Washington Examiner) — Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg
Craig Heist (WTOP) — Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmermann

Question 2: When will Bryce Harper make his MLB debut?

By now we all know the correct date for Harper’s debut was earlier than predicted, April 28th. What a great week that was. I predict (because this post proves predictions are always accurate, right?) a strong post-season for the Kid.

Pete Kerzel — May 6 vs. Phillies
Adam Kilgore — May 17 vs. Pirates
Brian McNally — May 25 at Braves
Craig Heist — May 27 at Braves
Bill Ladson — June 1 vs. Braves
Mark Zuckerman — June 19 vs. Rays
Amanda Comak — June 19 vs. Rays
Dan Kolko — June 20 vs. Rays
Dave Sheinin — July 6 vs. Rockies

Question 3: How many home runs will Harper hit in the majors this season?

This is a fun one. Due largely to the early call up, Harper has already surpassed the most insane predictions on his home run totals. The Kid is a beast. He has 18 on his way to possibly surpassing Tony Conigliaro for the most HRs all time for a teenybopping bopper.

Craig Heist — 13
Adam Kilgore — 12
Pete Kerzel — 12
Mark Zuckerman — 11
Amanda Comak — 11
Bill Ladson — 10
Dan Kolko — 9
Brian McNally — 7
Dave Sheinin — 7

Question 4: How many strikeouts will Stephen Strasburg record?
Again, we can answer this one. He had a crapload. More than any predictions. 197 to be exact.

Brian McNally — 180
Mark Zuckerman — 177
Bill Ladson — 177
Dave Sheinin — 165
Adam Kilgore — 155
Craig Heist — 150
Amanda Comak — 147
Pete Kerzel — 142
Dan Kolko — 140

Question 5: What will Jayson Werth’s batting average be?
This is kind of a tricky category. Werth is currently batting .306 but his season was cut short. He continues to contribute on the field and off the field via @jwerthsbeard. Again, Ladson’s optimism is closest to reality.

Bill Ladson — .290
Pete Kerzel — .287
Amanda Comak — .273
Brian McNally — .272
Craig Heist — .270
Mark Zuckerman — .268
Dan Kolko — .268
Adam Kilgore — .265
Dave Sheinin — .264

Question 6: Who will lead the pitching staff in wins? How many?

Everyone loved Jordan Zimmermann on April 5th. No one could have predicted the total dominance of Gio Gonzalez. What a breakthrough year. JZimm still suffered from poor run support on occasion (even if that is not backed up statistically, it seems that way). He’s currently 10-8 while Gio just earned his 19th win. Even Strasburg has 15 wins. Ladson might end up having the correct number, just not the right name. Props to Kolkomo and Ms. Comak for believing in Gio.

Bill Ladson — Jordan Zimmermann, 20
Dan Kolko — Gio Gonzalez, 17
Amanda Comak — Gio Gonzalez, 17
Mark Zuckerman — Jordan Zimmermann, 16
Brian McNally — Jordan Zimmermann, 16
Dave Sheinin — Jordan Zimmermann, 16
Craig Heist — Jordan Zimmermann, 16
Adam Kilgore — Jordan Zimmermann, 15
Pete Kerzel — Jordan Zimmermann, 14

Final Question: How many games will the Nats win?

This is my favorite question. Look at the numbers. Not one writer, not one person picked the Nats to win more than 88 games. Pete! You scoundrel! You had the audacity to go higher than 86-87! You are living on the edge, buddy. Personally, I had the Nats winning 87 games because it seemed like it might be enough to have them possibly contend for the 2nd WC. I didn’t write it down anywhere, but I remembered thinking it and being really anxious to see if they could get there. Honestly, wasn’t that almost everyone’s hope at the beginning of the year? Being able to at least be in the WC race and hopefully get to play a game in the postseason? The 2012 Nationals are well on their way to winning (close to) 100 games while laughing in the face of every predictor who wasn’t privy to what Davey Johnson knew about this team all along: they’re really good. Not just really good, they’ve become a great team. 100-win teams are not flukes. And nobody could have predicted it.

Pete Kerzel — 88
Adam Kilgore — 87
Dan Kolko — 87
Brian McNally — 87
Amanda Comak — 86
Bill Ladson — 85
Craig Heist — 85
Mark Zuckerman — 84
Dave Sheinin – 83

Original Nats Insider post can be found here (with several other questions I didn’t feel like including because I’m lazy

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T-Mo loves us all


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September 13, 2012 · 3:08 pm